Collection: Vintage Jewelry Trees

These trees were inspired by my good friend and neighbor, Anne’s vintage jewelry Christmas tree that was made by her grandmother. I was literally Obsessed with it. Had to have one. We started shopping for and collecting vintage jewelry and candlesticks at antique stores, flea markets and the like and figured out how we were going to recreate these trees for ourselves. Each tree is made with vintage jewelry, a lot of it mismatched, broken and distressed, that has been both glued and pinned to tree forms and mounted on vintage candlesticks. After I made my first one, my daughter suggested that I needed to create a forest which is how this collection evolved. Each tree takes me about a week to make from start to finish and is a Labor of Love. These are the trees I currently have available in a variety of color stories and themes, however, I am open to commissioned Memorial Trees  with your loved ones vintage jewelry as it’s a really special way to utilize pieces that you’ve maybe had handed down, don’t want to get rid of, but also don’t see yourself wearing. I start by utilizing all of your pieces and fill in the gaps with my extensive collection of unique, vintage jewels. Reach out with any questions you may have via the contact us link!